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Cocohatchee River-Wiggins Pass Estuary Tour

North Naples, near Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach

Quick Details

Duration: We are together 3 hours, 2 hours are on the water

Meeting Point: North Naples

Kayak Through the Beautiful Cocohatchee River and Wiggins Pass Estuary

Embark on an awe-inspiring Florida adventure with GAEA Guides-Guided Kayak Nature Tours. The Florida west coast has an abundance of scenic landscapes and there is no better way to soak it all in than on a kayak tour down the winding rivers and passes that have come to characterize the land.

This is a beautiful estuary area, with mangroves and many birds, dolphins, manatees and other critters.
On this Cocohatchee River-Wiggins Pass Estuary Kayak Tour, your guide will offer plenty of insight and leave you feeling like you’ve been in an exotic, new place.

On this kayak tour, you will get up-close views of the beautiful estuary area.  You’ll explore mangroves and other breathtaking landscapes. You’ll see many birds including herons, egrets, pelicans, osprey and many others.  Discover dolphins, manatee, other critters and much more!

GAEA Guides uses tandem kayaks that handle like a single if you are alone in one. We do this to limit the number of kayaks in the environment that may annoy the wildlife. We also do it because there is better communication between the guide and the clients if there are fewer kayaks. We only take a small group on each tour. The kayaks are sit-inside kayaks with comfortable seats and plenty of leg room.

Upon meeting at the appointed time we will sign in, go over some safety information and then get the equipment in the water. This takes approximately ½ hour. At the completion of the tour, we allow another ½ hour to get all the equipment put away. You will receive the directions to the launch site after making your reservations.