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Gift Certificate

Gift a Kayak Tour to Your Friends and Family

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Good for any tour we offer

Gift as little or as much as you like

Know any wildlife enthusiasts? Get them a gift card to GAEA Guides and give them an opportunity to see the beautiful waters of Southwest Florida. Our tours are guided by a certified Florida Master Naturalist. Our guides offer a unique experience by sharing their knowledge of the plants and wildlife in the area.

When you purchase a gift card we will be happy to email a personalized gift certificate to whomever you choose. You can have it sent to the recipients of your gift or to you for you to present to them. The gift certificate has the contact information for GAEA Guides and says how many tours and what category of tour the certificate is for. The certificate does not mention any prices, since it is a gift.

 Please keep in mind that our tours have a sales tax of 6.5% added onto the prices. ie: two 2 hour $50 tours will have a final price of $106.50, etc.

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